Daily personalized Jobs on your preferred messenger app

Jobi is a Digital Assistant which helps you find your next Job opportunity and stay aware of the Job market even when you are not actively searching for Jobs. You will get Daily personalized jobs on your preferred messenger App.
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This is my first contribution to Product Hunt, the community which inspires me on a daily basis :) thank you all ... keep the Passion & Creativity ... Why Jobi ? What is new ? Jobi is a completely different approach to Job Search ... * Personalization: many job sites are not flexible enough to personalize your job searches, in Jobi this is as easy as a button click * Passive Search: people miss lots of opportunities by not keeping an eye on the market. Jobi will help you stay aware of the opportunities in the market by sending you daily filtered and personalized jobs (max 10 so that it is not annoying for you) * The Right Channel: Jobi will send you jobs in Messenger, Telegram (future) and Chrome extension (future) * Less effort: Jobi is inbound. Jobs will come to you, no need to search and filter every time, thus much less effort for you * Multiple sources (future): you will get jobs from local and international job sites How is that different from a Daily Email Update from Linkedin ? * In such email you can't personalize, in Jobi you can * In Jobi you will get less Jobs per day, in early tests users reported receiving 80% less items per day - but only after 1 month of personalization * Better user experience in general That's it, now I am very curious to know your feedback :)
Awesome product! Looking forward to using it on my job hunt ๐Ÿ‘
Thanks @lachlankirkwood for your support, i am glad you liked it :)
Okay, using it for my hunt now. I'll gladly provide feedback.
Many thanks @erburgess ...