Jobs for high school and college students in NC

Jobalo is a simple way for high school and college students to get valuable work experience

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Jobalo aims to make it easier for high school and college students to get jobs. On our iOS app we host part-time jobs, internships, volunteering opportunities and contract listings. While we are only live in Chapel Hill and Durham, we will be growing quickly. Expect to see the web app on PH very soon!
Cool, cool. Obvious question that's going to be asked; what the next city/state?
@drewshah1234 Currently proving the concept in Chapel Hill/Durham. Hopefully expanding to DC, Boston, Raleigh, and Charlotte in Summer 2018
What makes this different from something like HIREWIRE?
@drewshah1234 We market ourselves as the one-stop employment solution for students, so a more specific audience. Also, we aggregate part-time, internships, contract listings and volunteer listings. So we can serve any 16-22 year old, no matter what their employment needs are. This generates passive users looking at jobs, and a larger addressable market within that age group.