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Hey hunters! I'm really happy to share this with you today, as I know this is a topic that interest a lot of you. Josh is an expert so you should jump on the occasion to ask your question in this thread! @joshdoody tell us more about your background and your track record!
Looks great
@allanbranch Thank you! If you have any questions, I'm happy to help!
I just signed up for the course. Not currently in a job (student/co-founder) but it looked like great information to have for future needs. I am looking forward to the lessons.
@robertwilliger Wonderful! The course is designed to help people who would like to get promoted as soon as possible, but there's a lot of good information that could help folks prepare for future promotions as well. The key concepts are universal and are good to keep in mind long-term. For example, keeping a running summary of your accomplishments and accolades you receive from colleagues and customers is something you can start doing today to make your next promotion much easier when you're ready to pursue it. Cheers!
@joshdoody @robertwilliger That is what I figured that while the information on how to present is more real time the parts of what you need to do leading up are important at all times.
@robertwilliger Yes, that's exactly right! Thanks for your comments!
Great to see this subject-matter getting more attention. Day 1 of this course is very well written and maintains an objective focus on self-evaluation. I really appreciate that the course doesn't "take sides" and that it emphasizes the value of the employee's contribution in their position without making assumptions about the employee or their company. This course isn't just about getting promoted, it's about being a better employee, embracing feedback, and effectively demonstrating your value. Nice work Josh, I'm looking forward to the next 6 installments!
@sarahcassady That's very kind of you! Objectivity is very, very important with all things career. As you say, the course is designed to help you _objectively_ evaluate the differences between your current job and your target job, and formulate a plan to accomplish those differences to demonstrate that you're ready for your target job. It's about getting formal acknowledgement that you're objectively performing at a higher level than your current job title and description demand. Also, I'm copy/pasting your comment to use as inspiration to describe the course to those who ask about it in the future. You said it better than I could :)
Hi everyone! I wrote this course to help people confidently request their next job promotion and to demystify the promotion process and tell you exactly what you need to know to request your next promotion. And it's totally free! If you have any questions about me or this course, I'm happy to answer them!
@joshdoody Some more background: I wrote this course because I was working on a related project (a book on salary negotiation) and kept getting asked, "Have you written anything about getting a promotion? I've been wanting one for a while, but I'm not sure how to ask for one or if I CAN ask for one." Enough people asked that I thought an email course on this one topic might be helpful. 200+ people have completed it so far, and that's really gratifying.