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Thanks so much @dcancel for hunting Job Intros today! Every other tool in this category does one of two things - you can either search for people you know, or you can search for jobs at a company. But Drafted is the only tool where you can search jobs at companies where you have friends, and then get a direct introduction, all streamlined in one place :) This is still early stages, so any feedback would be amazing. Also - For those of you in Boston, we're doing a live demo at the Product Hunt Boston meetup tonight (producthunt.com/meetups)
@pseudovirtual this site looks amazing. this is how i approach job hunts and it's a manual process of matching up jobs with network. this streamlines it - awesome! one piece of feedback though, "relevance" needs some work. i searched account executive as an example, and I got 100's of results ranging from revenue manager to product strategist to vice president of marketing! even though "relevance" was selected, it seemed to sort by company, not by job title. I'm connected to some people at Segment, for example, and so the first 20 matches were from Segment. But again, all but a handful were irrelevant for my query. first and foremost should be EXACT matches. so let me see the 50 account executive job postings, then maybe show me relevant "neighbor" titles such as account manager and SDR postings. not all roles within a department are neighbors. for example, sales ops would probably be a less relevant role because of the different skill set required.
@cbenkendorf hey Charlie, thanks so much for taking the time to write such a detailed comment. You're 100% right of course, relevance clarity is one of the many polish items we are going to address in coming iterations. The nice thing about that is it will get better with time as we get more data :)
Fantastic work @pseudovirtual and the Drafted team. Can't wait to see the demo at Product Hunt Boston tonight! FYI, the demo will be live streamed starting at 7pm EST for everyone not in Boston tonight—check your local Product Hunt listings. 🐱
Thanks @kunalslab! I'll also spend some time tonight talking about the tech stack and how we built this. There's some heavy lifting behind the scenes.
Nice job! What features do you have?
@richardjjhayes You can search by location, title, seniority, and most importantly, how you're connected to companies. Once you choose a job, Drafted helps you navigate all the different ways to get introduced to it, complete with a 1-click email request to the right person.
This is pretty sweet. Well done Drafted team. First thing that comes to mind as a founder is I wish this was available for 2nd degree intros. Example: I'm hiring full stack eng, show me all second degree connections that fit this job connection and automate the ask for intro via my 1st degree connection :)
@joethomas_x Hey Joe thanks for the kind words! The exact use case for your hiring example is what we built a little while ago called Drafted for teams :) - https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@pseudovirtual sweeeeeeeeettttttt! Thank you Vinayak!
@pseudovirtual-- great idea but if I were to play devil's advocate, could I perhaps argue that LinkedIn Jobs shows me something similar? For example, I searched a job in Silcon Valley and it showed me 55+ people who can connect/work there. Would love to know what I'm missing because I am definitely gonna use this as I don't particularly love LI's interface
@ashish_aggarwal that is a very good question. I'd love for you to try it and tell me what you think when you go through the full flow. Some points of note here - 1. Drafted is really focused on getting the intro and not "applying" to jobs. LinkedIn will direct you either to an application form or to the career website for the company to apply. 2. Drafted will let you request an intro via *email* (not Inmail) 3. The more friends you have on Drafted, the more second degree intros become available to you 4. If the company has a referral program, Drafted will help you make sure that your intro gets the referral bonus :)
@pseudovirtual -- actually signing up at the moment :)--gotta say--the screens are way cooler-- Point 2 is a fair USP as long as I don't get spammed I suppose--because somehow on LinkedIn i have connections i don't know all that well. will try it out Vinayak. thanks for the prompt response!