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You guys should call it "Jive" and not "Jive Chime", can't imagine world domination with that full name :) I've got a question: if I have a group of 500 people using a public Jive account, how do you guys compare to Slack? We have been looking for alternatives, and I'm sure a lot of other groups are too. Main probably is Slack was built for small teams, but a lot of people want to use it like IRC. You think you guys could serve this market?
@kurtybot Chime is created by our company called Jive Software (hence the name Jive Chime)! If you had 500 people in your company on Chime, those users will show up in one roster in the company tab. You can then message them 1 on 1 or create public/private group messages. Chime scales incredibly well for an organization of 500. People can create their own groups with their teams and still have the ability to message anyone in the company. We can definitely serve that use case. Chime also has the option to sync with your directory making it even easier to get the 500 people on board.
@anuj_verma Thanks for the answer. I like "Chime" even better... go with it! I see a huge market opportunity for you guys with large groups, it's somewhere I think it makes sense to attack Slack. Have you guys considered focusing solely on this market? I'm still not very clear how I might be better off using Chime over Slack for my 500+ group of people. I'm excited about this product because I think it potentially solves a ton of issues that Slack might not be able to, at least for the time being. Let us know how we can help!
Built by Jive, very simple / fast take on team messaging. Jive has big customers, adoption for this vertical messaging app could work well for them..
@ilan Thanks for the post! There are plenty of team communications tools out there, but none of them have quite hit the mark. We wanted to give coworkers a beautiful app where they could connect on the go without the headaches of switching between contexts just to keep a conversation flowing. I'm happy to answer any questions on the product!
Love it, go JIVE!
@robinraszka It would be great if there was killer answer, but quite simply I don't think there is one. We're in this for the long game. And though Slack is a clear early leader in team communication, things are just getting started. The vast majority of the world is still sending "Running late to the meeting " emails to their co-workers. Design philosophy is the long game -- I'd point to the Company tab as one of the clearest indicators of how our choices will play out over time — a single place to reach any person in the company instantly. That's not a feature in a checklist, it's an approach to how we think communication works at scale in a mobile world. We're just getting started and we're proud of our history in delivering communication and collaboration products to millions of users. But your question is fair — I'd be skeptical too. We're looking forward to proving that Jive Chime is something great.
@anuj_verma I see, so essentially there isn't any advantage over Slack but eventually you might find one in the future.
@anuj_verma @robinraszka I'd argue there are three primary differentiators right now: * Corporate directory sync, so you have all current employees available to chat with (and their most current information). * Much more of a mobile focus, whereas Slack is more focused on at-your-desk collaboration (e.g., tons of integrations). * More of a mid-market focus. Slack is often part of a whole suite of chat tools used by different teams in a company, and this becomes a problem as companies grow and you don't know which app to use to reach which person (we saw this very clearly in our user research)
Cool, I'm sure I'm not first to ask. Advantages vs Slack?
@benln The main thing is the ability to pull in all your co-workers and sync with your entire company directory so you know that you're separating personal and professional conversations.
@benln Definitely get this question quite a bit and it is a good one! We think Slack does a great job of enabling workflows for various types of teams, such as R&D. As we were building Chime we wanted it to be a great tool for anyone in the company, and have focused on simplicity. When we were doing product research, we found many companies using Slack or Hipchat that still use a ton of WhatsApp and text messaging to communicate with their co-workers. If you're running late to a meeting, do you pull Slack out of your pocket to let the team know? It's not that you can't, it's just that most people don't. We're trying to do something a bit different and there's a ton of companies around the world still stuck in email. With Chime we want to be the one tool where it is the fastest way to reach anyone in your team or company.
@benln @anuj_verma I'd assume you must have a killer answer to such question and yet there wasn't a single and clear advantage over Slack in your long comment. You're obviously going against Slack or Hipchat here and without a single strong advantage you're probably not going to succeed. And if there is one, you and your product page does poor job selling it. Basically you can compress the whole webpage into a bullet list with 5 reasons why it's better than Slack and others.