Jira Integration Plus for Stride supercharges the speed at which you create, assign, and transition work in Jira—without ever leaving Stride.

The solution works for Jira Server and Cloud and a one time setup process enables the integration for all of your rooms.

Get more done in Stride with Jira Integration+

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3 Reviews5.0/5
👋 Hi ProductHunt - Mike from Nextup.ai Jira Integration+ for Stride is an evolution of our integration for Slack (https://www.nextup.ai/slack-jira...) with some new features enabled by the openness of the Stride APIs. We have been working with the Stride team since we met at their App Week a few months back - check out an Atlassian App Week if you get a chance! The product works for Jira Server and Cloud customers to ensure everyone can streamline their workflows. You can create, comment, transition, assign and edit issues right from Stride and configure your room to get notified when Jira is updated. We would love to get some 🗣feedback and are 😻 excited to answer 💬 questions! If you have not checked out Stride and run Atlassian you should really take a look. It's no slouch when compared to any enterprise chat platform.
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Nice tool to track tasks and progress.