Jioukou - Shopify group buying app

Accelerate your Shopify store via group buying app

Jioukou is a Shopify group buying app. With your customers group buying your product helping store owner gain more new customers and orders!
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Hi, Product Hunters! We found that there isn't much app on Shopify helping store owners to create the group buying program and having a good way to communicate with their customers. As our experience for years, group buying can help store owner and customers: 1. Discount only for group buying Customers need to invite friends to buy together and achieve the minimum quantity in a group buying, in order to get the discount price. 2. Paid separately and easily Everyone in the group can finish order and pay by themselves. They buy together and share the same discount. 3. Promote product quickly with low cost Because of group buying discount. Your customers will bring your product and discuss your product to their social network. Continuing to update our progress. If you are a Shopify store owner or interested in social network marketing. Welcome to check out our group buying app page: We are looking forward to your comments! Thanks!
Chen, great product and whatsapp share option will be great for Indian, American and European customers as whatsapp is largest messaging platform in India.
@santoshk66 Thanks for your advice. The share button of Whatsapp was added = )
[ 🔔 Invite Shopify Store owners to join app Beta project] Hi, Product Hunters I'm Nick, co-founder of YOSGO and the project manager of Jioukou Shopify group buying App. Our app(Jioukou) has been done. Now we invite Shopify store owners to join our beta project. Before Jioukou list on Shopify App store, we will keep collecting your feedback and upgrade it. And we won't charge for App in the beta period. Here is the demo site of group buying, created from the Shopify test store. ➡️ https://yosgo-demo-store.myshopi... If you are Shopify Store owner or someone interesting in virus marketing with your customer. Welcome to join Jioukou beta project. ● Contact me and make an appointment directly ➡️ ● Join YOSGO Shopify App Group on Facebook ➡️ Hope to see you soon!
【 News updated 🚀 】 Thanks to the store owners who join our early access project. JIOUKOU Group Buying App has been on the Shopify App Store. ➡️ Make your Shopify store with group-buying function within fews clicks For those who interested in social marketing and viral marketing: 💡 View the demo store and play around https://yosgo-demo-store.myshopi... 💡 Contact us Email: Follow up App's latest news? Welcome to join our Facebook group.
A campaign page. Let customers group buying your product.
A unique for customers. Share it to friends and buy together.