A hand-crafted, full-service, Jimmy powered search engine.

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Congrats on the launch, @jimmydouglas! 👏🏼
@rrhoover OMG I just died laughing! 😂
Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for all of the uses; I think its safe to say none of us expected the amount of traffic we got. Jimmy probably wouldn't have agreed if he knew we'd send him almost 4000 push notifications in two days. He's about 3000 behind so we'll see how those get resolved. For the people that paid, including @jimmydouglas, thanks for trying out that feature. We realized one limitation of it was that Jimmy couldn't tell who had paid besides moving it to the front. We added a feature tonight that makes them highlighted so he can spend more time on those, otherwise it was tough while trying to get through thousands in queue. It's been fun riding this trainwreck with all of you, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. See you in the queue, Tyler P.S. not very many of you have clicked all of the buttons and Easter eggs all over the site.
Asking a critical question. Stay tuned for results... https://twitter.com/jimmydouglas...
Update: No search results yet, but I've been in position 0 for quite some time. I'm not worried. I'm anticipating the hard work they're putting in will pay off, and my pizza will be most epic.