World's First Family Robot (pre-launch)

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The robot is slightly uncanny, reminiscent of GLaDOS from Portal. Watch the video.
So I spoke to Cynthia and some of her team prior to launch about Jibo and marketing a crowdfunding campaign (full disclosure: I am not paid nor working for Jibo). She was absolutely awesome to talk to and I thought this project was awesome, albeit not fully understanding it at the time. For those of you that don't know Cynthia, she did an awesome TED Talk about personal robots: http://www.ted.com/talks/cynthia...
I really love the interface work happening in the social robots space, such as the physical animations, graphical animations and general tone of communication. I pulled out my credit card to pre-order one, but Fall 2015 is an awful long time away. That said I'm bullish on this project and look forward to watching them get to market.
@ccarella Agreed on having to wait so long. Guess that is why they have the $99 now, $400 later.
This is a huge first step in brining robots into the home. The first of many to come. It's upsetting they weren't able to get funding before announcing what they were building. Would have much rather have heard about this months before the dev kits launched rather than years. I want to start developing for this thing TODAY.
TC's @kylebrussell just posted a hands-on video with Jibo. I'd love to see them create an API for this.