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@karangoel It looks like JetMe is trying to capitalize on empty leg segments, which actually makes flying private affordable (and sometimes cheaper than economy). If a company / individual needs to get their plane (currently in LA) to Vegas for a client, they ordinarily would have to write off the costs for flying from LA to Vegas. Many companies now try to take advantage of these empty legs, and sell that segment for well below market, often just covering the fuel. JetSuite ( is probably the most popular, and they'll often have flights from LA to Vegas for $530 for the entire plane (albeit on a very small jet).
@karangoel Just a click away! That, and a liquidity event.
@karangoel Hey! We don't have a $20k offer at JETME app. You can get a private jet flight starting from $3k (6 seats).
I actually dont care that this is like the 9th private jet startup i've seen, because i'm hoping, one day, someone will make it work
@arush Totally agree, I think these companies really need a bigger push cause it will take serious availability and demand before these propositions become accessible For a bigger audience and really take off
@koenbekkering @arush I don't think a bigger audience is what they're seeking. Most of these guys focus on transporting ceos between sf, ny, and la. Source: My friend is a vp of sales at one of them.
Love JetMe, use it a few times a month. Super simple to use, making private jets easily accessible to anyone (looking to swim in debt).
Hi everyone! Thanks @koenbekkering for posting. I'm CEO @JETME and ready to answer your questions. As I saw in the list of comments, that the price issue is the main concern to use JETME app for you guys! Hope you will like the idea of cheap private jet flights @_jacksmith @iambarronroth @koenbekkering @arush @karangoel @mallyvai @delk @rrhoover @tanyaluchyno If you want to get your private jet flight experience, please ping me! Looking forward for your feedback.
Yuriy, Thanks for this update! Given you're essentially taking a marketplace model to private jets, it still seems to me that there's going to be some floors on low you can reasonably go, per-seat, and per-flight, depending on the plane, partner, season, fuel prices, and so forth. Are you able to provide any estimates or distributions along that front? Thanks!
@mallyvai Thanks! It's right. But we are still testing our business model. The level of our relations with our private jet partners helps us estimate price based on the clients needs. In 2014, US private jet operators don't have a long clients list. They are still trying to estimate lease contracts and try flying as much as they can. We just help them to get clients from online*) p.s. we know examples, when client get a flight from LA to SF for $1к.
reminds me of BlackJet, which failed quite badly
@_jacksmith thanks a lot! We know @BlackJet exCTO. JETME don't have any registration fees. Our big data solution is more clever than the @BlackJet's call center of 30 people. :-)