Many projects, multiple boards, one Jeski

Jeski is a very light weight and simple to use integration tool which allows team leads to have a simple overview of all Trello boards, Github commits and Slack activity of their team.
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Udi TaliasSenior Front-End Developer
Any plans to integrate Asana in the near future?
@uditalias Yes! Asana is in our roadmap after Slack.
Leo Lamea
New to tech and Loving it!!!
Hello Makers and fellow Product Hunters, We built Jeski to track our team and projects better, hopefully does the same for you. Would love comments and feedback. Thank You!
Hussein Yahfoufi
Co-founder 👉
@leo_lamea looks very interesting, is it pulling your Github projects or tickets? or you create tickets in Jeski directly?
Hey @husseinyahfoufi . Thanks for the comment. Jeski's aim is to be a team productivity analytics tool, you will still do what you do with Trello, we have no intention of replacing that, but from Jeski you will get key measurements about all of your projects and team members. Be it productivity, flow, motivation etc.
Roman Eaton
Dashly + Zoom + Calendly - today!
@leo_lamea hey guys, could not reach you out via live chat