Jellyfish Aquarium

Live jellyfish give your eyes a break from the screen

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Alex Andon
Jellyfish Art
Thanks! I wasn't sure how to frame this post in light of the tech-heavy products on here, but I remember taking breaks from my computer screen at the office several times a day to just stare at the jellyfish and soothe my eyes, so I thought that might resonate with the Product Hunt community. The jellies are translucent so your eye focusing muscles have to work to focus on different parts of their body, gives them a little exercise.
Joshua Pinter
Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
If you watch the video, Vanilla Ice makes a cameo.
Jp Valery
Growth Operations Manager @ Local Logic
Really cool stuff !
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
🎯Strategist for Hire
A jellyfish tank looks like it would be a calming influence in a room (for me); it would be something else entirely for our cats. 😎
@kkdub Jellyfish are EXTREMELY calming! they captivate like no other!
I'm pretty into reef keeping and I've seen tanks for jellyfish but the design on this tank is unique.
@nickmealey Traditional designs are based off of a kreisel - while this one uses a gentle lifting action rather than a circular flow pattern. Good catch!
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