Budget management for project teams

Jellyfish helps you manage multiple activities, events, or project budgets in parallel, with multiple teams. It then allows you to group budgets and extract reports per activity, project, program, time-frame, location or any other grouping needed...up to the general P&L of the entire company or organization.

It works as a standalone solution as well as a complementary app to existing financial and accounting systems. Data can be transferred from and to Jellyfish using extremely easy CSV import/export.

Jellyfish is designed for the general non-finance, non-tech savvy user; account set-up and team onboarding can be done in 15 min.

I love the design, it looks very intuitive. would this work for startups and small teams?
@bassamjalgha thanks for the kudos! It was built for teams of any size, as long as they're looking for an intuitive (like you so awesomely put it!) tool to manage project budgets.