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From "About us" on their website: "We want to break the tyranny of the best-seller list. Digital has given us near infinite choice. It is now easier than ever before to find and order any book ever written. At the same time, this flood of writing is making it harder and harder to discover the hidden pearls. Fabulous books are being condemned to a life of obscurity because they don’t make it onto the best-seller list. Jellybooks wants to correct this. What you see now is just the beginning. We are working on tools to make discovery and sharing easier, to channel the best of social conversations. We use machines to manage the abundance and bring order to an unruly mess. We never forget that machines are designed to help people and make life easier. We believe in simplicity and human ingenuity and that computers should only augment these."
@natesmoyer I have to admit that some of the "about us" section still dates from the time BEFORE we did reader analytics - our currnmet core focus :)
Looks like a NetGalley competitor but doesn't have the granularity to request individual titles that you prefer to check out.
@sarthakgrover not really, not reviews are being solicited, you are only asked for your reading data (these are specially modified ebook files that record is and how you read the book), the data is used by publishers to see how strongly a title engages readers, completion rates among readers can range from near zero to almost 100% - whereas reviews can be quite subjective, there is no cheating as to whether you read the book or not... :)
@arhomberg Thanks for clarifying. I think this is an important bit to highlight on the site, it was lost in the very verbose introduction "This is really simple: read the ebook we provide and at the end of each chapter click the "sync reading stream" button in return for receiving the free ebook. You may also choose to write a review, but this is entirely optional. We are primarily interested in your reading data." I would also be curious to know what kind of 'data' are you collecting when a user sync's at the end of the chapter and how that helps publishers understand user engagement (besides reading speed).
@sarthakgrover you catch in the middle of a switch-over from the old site to the new one (Because the Guardian wanted to write about some of the stuff we do, which is why so little is on the homepage, wasn;t exactly expecting anybody to put this on Producthunt)
@sarthakgrover the most important KPI we ensure for publishers is completion rate, what percentage of people who start a book, finish it (as in reading all the chapters) - there is a little piece of Javascript inside the ebook that records, if you read a chapter and how long it takes you; we also measure "velocity" not reading speed in terms of how long it takes you from when you start to when you fnish the book (gross reading time); some books are so good, people read until deep in the night to reach the ending, something we can explitedly see...
@arhomberg @sarthakgrover "...wasn't exactly expecting anybody to put this on Producthunt" oops! I thought it was too cool to not be on PH :)
Jellybooks and its approach to test reading was featured in the New York Times today: