Wireless headphones with virtually unlimited playtime

Wireless headphones with charge themself. Powered by Exeger's Powerfoyle technology.
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An explanation as to what the hell "Exeger's Powerfoyle technology" is would be nice.
Oh... turns out its a really REALLY shit way of saying they're solar powered.
@mickc79 you are the hero i needed
@mickc79 i know you say solar powered, but it looks a bit different (saw the powerfoyle site on another PH post today).
@mickc79 Turns out, you have a really REALLY shit way of saying you don't understand a new technology.
found this out about the solar tech https://exeger.com/technology
@jaredepicpower What... you mean you didn't just innately know what this was? pffft @sabastian_auth isn't going to be happy with you!
Не плохая идея