JazzHands by IFTTT

A keyframe-based animation framework

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Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠Hunter@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
Pretty neat, although 'by IFTTT', a multiple set of people worked on this, not only at IFTTT
Devin Foley
Devin FoleyMakerHiring@devinfoley · Director of Native Clients, Slack
Thanks for posting this, @milan! We released this library over two years ago, so it's funny (but great) to see it here today. I'd highly recommend checking out https://ifttt.github.io to see the rest of our open source projects. If you like Jazz Hands, you'll probably like Razzle Dazzle and Sparkle Motion, our animation frameworks for Swift and Android.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠Hunter@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
@devinfoley @milan you are welcome! And I love side projects ;)
adam mashaal
adam mashaal@adammash · Founder of Being. East Village, NYC
Great to see this getting some attention. As soon as I saw the first IFTTT welcome tour using those smooth gesture-controlled animations, I was in awe. I used JazzHands for the welcome tour on @mashfeed -- Love the way it looks/feels and it's pretty simple to work with. Thanks for creating and sharing this. @ifttt
Brandon Lipman
Brandon Lipman@lipmanb · Founder & Growth Marketer Redwhale
IFTTT has been coming out with so many new products lately. I feel like I see something new from them on Product Hunt at least once a week. Is there a broader strategy at play by @IFTTT? @adammash
Tejas Manohar
Tejas Manohar@tejasmanohar · Code, Entrepreneurs, Startups.
@lipmanb @ifttt @adammash This isn't really a product or a business move; it's an open-source animation framework (for developers) :P
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠Hunter@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
@tejasmanohar @lipmanb @ifttt @adammash yeah but releasing side projects and getting attention with a specific niche maker group, you can imagine that's an indirect business strategy ;) Look at the side project Teleport.org or buffer.com releases.