Jaywalk is a new app that lets you earn discounts in your neighborhood just for walking or running. We built it because walking is the easiest way to stay healthy and walking for a coffee, sandwich, or even a drink is a great goal. This is the second version of the app and we're proud to share it with ProductHunt.

  • Adrian Chenault
    Adrian ChenaultCEO and Co-Founder, Contact Mapping

    I love that it rewards me for the walking and fitness activities I already do, and it inspires me to do more! It is surprisingly motivating!


    Waiting for them to get into more places. Business owners! This app will make me come check out your establishment. Get on there!

    You get rewarded throughout the day for your steps in Jaycoins, which can be redeemed for dollars in a local establishment that accepts them. The catch? They expire at midnight. So go for a long walk and then get some free drinks, coffee, or snacks! What's not to like?

    Adrian Chenault has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Beautiful user interface. Can invite friends and merchants.


    No offers in Australia. Jaycoins expire in 1 day. Can’t change miles to kilometres.

    I downloaded this to try with the idea it would be similar to Sweatcoin where I get sweatcoins for walking which can be redeemed on real-life rewards. In Jaywalk, you earn jaycoin but they expire in 24 hours (however after using it for a few days, my jaycoin still seem to be there so now I am wondering).

    There are currently no offers to use in Australia, so everything I earn can’t be spent on anything and will disappear before any local merchants join. I have invited some friends and merchants I found emails for but so far but I haven't had many sign up yet. I got a notification a friend joined but I wasn't able to find a way to follow him. I It would be cool if you could connect your Twitter and see if any of your followers are already on there.

    At the moment, everything on my feed is over 14,000 km away but I am trying to change that by posting some of my own material.

    I think this app would be better if your jaycoins didn’t expire, there were a lot more places to get rewards, and it was easier to connect to friends on there.

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Devon Campbell
Devon Campbell@raddevon · Leave your 💩 job to become a developer!
I love this idea. One quick suggestion: let me start earning coins and see which merchants are on the platform before I sign up. This way, I'll be invested and already see the benefit for me before you ask me to sign up. Hit me up to create an account when I want to redeem instead of before I get to see the carrot.
@raddevon thanks for the feedback!
Jill Barletti
Jill Barletti@jillbarletti · Founder, CEO, Award-winning author
@raddevon - To me it seems like a lot to ask to begin earning coins prior to signing up, but I def agree that it would be great to see which merchants have signed up before I create my account -- I might want to ask those merchants to join before signing up because I'd end up deleting the app if none of my favorite merchants sign up :/
Youssef KH
Youssef KH@ucefkh · CEO & Founder of 01TEK
@raddevon @jillbarletti I totally agree with you.
Great product! Congrats!
Let me know when there's an Android version! Reminds me of sweatcoin which I use but hopefully this will have more useful rewards.
@golear android next month thanks!
Faradjine A.
Faradjine A.@faradjine_a · I'm a professional language teacher.
Great idea, Jaywalk! Congrats!
Youssef KH
Youssef KH@ucefkh · CEO & Founder of 01TEK
Ksenia Kerbel
Ksenia Kerbel@ksushbush · Reply.id
Jaywalk is truly a great and promising idea. Looking forward to use it in my town :)
Faradjine A.
Faradjine A.@faradjine_a · I'm a professional language teacher.
I really love the idea, @ksushbush. This initiative must cross a lot of borders...