Family-friendly social network for the privacy conscious

Jawger is a family-friendly social network for the privacy conscious. Jawger's privacy-first approach offers an alternative for those seeking privacy to more meaningfully communicate online. Jawger is ideally suited for families seeking a safe environment for every family member to share experiences together as life unfolds.

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Hi PH, This is Scott, the founder of Jawger. I built Jawger to be a social network that puts our privacy first. For me, social networks had become too impersonal and polluted with creepy targeted advertisements. As a father, I wanted a safe place for my children to engage with family and friends online, capturing the world through their own eyes, and be included in the conversation without their profiles being captured. I personally believe privacy is a right, and we shouldn't have to sacrifice it to communicate online. I'm just getting started with Jawger...and I have many ideas to make Jawger even better. It's time for people interested in taking control of their privacy to tell me what they want from a social network that puts people first. After all isn't that the "social" in social network? I'm eager and ready to listen to your feedback! -Scott
@scotth Congratulations on the launch! How does Jawger guarantee the privacy aspect as a social network? Is it family-only? Is it safe/private enough for kids to use?
@lamaalrajih Thank you! It's really exciting times. Good questions. Privacy aspects - * Your content and personal information is yours and yours alone to share, not ours. * You choose who to invite to your posts; there's no concept of public content. * There's no member directory for other members to find you; only members invited to Stories or JoinIns can see other members also invited. * You share content with individuals while managing the personal information seen through social profiles. * We don't track our members nor we don't sell, trade, or rent your content. * Communication between your device and our servers is encrypted. * Your content and personal information are stored encrypted. * Your continued use is not conditional on disclosing personal information beyond our needs to support you. Members will be Opt Out (by default) to any new features that need more information. Giving you choice. Is it family-only? No, not at all. You don't share every detail in your life with everyone you know so why should a social network be any different. Jawger's social profiles (and groups) allow you to connect with everyone (family, friends, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, etc), while only sharing content and personal information relevant to each (individual, few people, many people), such as your profile picture, your name, contact info, etc. This is a key point that differentiates Jawger from other social networks. There's no need to have multiple apps nor multiple accounts to communicate with different groups of people. Is it safe/private enough for kids to use? Yes, I'm a father. It's a big reason why I built Jawger -- I wanted to include my children in safely sharing the experiences and conversations online while capturing the world through their eyes, not mine. Jawger's family subscriptions offer custodial accounts. Custodial accounts put parents in the driver seat to manage their child's online identity, connections, and activities. Let me know if you have any questions.