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We use Jawbone UP company-wide at Buffer to track our activity and sleep patterns. The whole hardware + software integration is quite smooth, and the UP24's wireless syncing was just icing on the cake. The new UP3 looks pretty intriguing - I'm quite happy to see that they're now claiming water-resistant up to 10m which will make this a lot less of a hassle for everyday wear (i.e. washing dishes, showers, etc).
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@brian_lovin This is one of the things I love about Buffer - their dedication to actually looking after the wellbeing of their team on the understanding that it'll make them more productive employees.
@riaface Absolutely! Great to see companies valuing the creativity and productivity gains seen through a healthy and active office culture.
@brian_lovin also really excited about it tracking REM sleep!
@brian_lovin Agreed on water resistance. I'm so confused at the serious lack of water-resistant trackers. As soon as something comes off my wrist to shower, it might as well be put away in the back of a remote warehouse.
@maxisnow @brian_lovin Agreed on the water resistance. It's one of the things I most appreciate about my Pebble (but it doesn't replace activity trackers yet).
Thanks guys! Getting some of the Jawbone team in here to answer questions! @pwinarsky, @rosenthal, @travisbogard.
@mh Great job! Can't wait to get an UP3.
Wow, the world sure has a lot of "most advanced' activity trackers.
I'm currently waiting for the 4th replacement of my UP24. The UP app is great (I prefer it over fitbit's), but the hardware is awful and the support pretty bad. So I think I'll pass on that one :)
@gregoiregilbert Oh, tell me more. I was the user of the first gen UP. Haven't touched UP in years now. Quite excited about UP3, really hope it can deliver on its promises.
@gregoiregilbert Guess you got unlucky (or I got lucky), because my UP24 works great. Don't use it a ton, but never had any problems with the hardware or software.
@marckohlbrugge hey Marc! Maybe, but considering Jawbone's forum I'm not the only one. I use it a lot, wear it all the time (well when I have a working band).
@gregoiregilbert Can you get it replaced? Mine broke after less than 2 months of use and I haven't figured out what to do. The sad thing is that I don't really miss it that much. Sleep and step tracking was cool, but if it's going to break every 2-3 months, it's not worth the hassle...
@gregoiregilbert I've found the support was always pretty good in my experience, but I've had to replace 3 original UPs and 1 UP24 so far, so yeah I'm not impressed with the hardware.
But will it detect that I'm skateboarding?