Turns songs into musical instruments anyone can play

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New toy! I had a bunch of fun with Pacemaker so this is my kind of jam. 💃
From the creator Vimeo. Here's how it works. Dope.
Love this! Definitely a whole new way to discover new music, because there's a personal connection with the song immediately. I always gave up on drum machines because there's so much friction getting everything set up perfectly, if you just want to jam. Would be awesome to incorporate visual jamming into this eventually too, where you can create dynamic visualizations based on your interactions. Killer work Jake!
This is super fun. All the Keezy products have a great design, but having the tracks in here lowers the bar of creating your own music. Feels awesome in the first 30 seconds, converted in 3 mins. Hope this sticks. Good stuff!
A lot of fun to play with, can't wait for a larger catalog. Dying to hook it up to a mixer and bring out at a party.