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Jamly is an interactive social platform for musicians. Their users record online video tracks asynchronically “on top of” one another, creating a “Kutiman-style” music video clip.
We built Jamly because life sometimes got in the way of planning jam sessions. Think of us as your virtual basement - you can play with anyone who has a webcam whenever you want, you don’t even have to be online at the same time. Or, watch others roll. Cause it’s cool. Hope you have fun.
Wow, I like this a lot. I reminds me of a simpler version of jamkazam.com but without the high/pro-setup bar. The simple UI and the ability to contribute to any session is really cool. The anticipated audio quality is more casual and varied because people can their computer as input. Also, it looks like it would be a very useful tool for an individual to easily record a multi-track song on their own by playing various tracks in a single session. So great for both collaboration, practice and possibly meeting other music enthusiasts around the world...
@jydesign Thanks a lot for your feedback, it is much appreciated! We really are trying to aim at simplicity, as you say. We do want to emphasize the "one-man-band" feature a bit more in future. Cheers!
This is a very nice platform. I wish it was around when I was more active with recording music, as there were quite a few times our group couldn't connect due to scheduling. This would've been a nice alternative. Job well done. I'll definitely check it out and watch some of the bands work their magic, that's always a good thing to see. I'm curious about the connection, such as potential delays as that's very important when recording. Are you seeing more uses of the live version or teams using prerecorded parts so that there are no syncing issues?
@cmwilson15 Thank you for your comment. The tracks users record on Jamly are being made asynchronously, meaning the sessions are not live, you can join tracks recorded at any point in the past. Otherwise syncing would have been a much greater problem as you suggest. We do have a syncing mechanism nonetheless, since even asynchronically made recordings require that :)
Super cool!!
@imdrewlittle Thank you, we do try :)