Jail Education Solutions

Tablet-based education for prisoners

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Incredible. Good luck with this, I love the thought of someone coming out of prison with new found knowledge (and maybe even a passion).
@ItsJoeTurner Thank you! We're looking forward to using these tools to unlock the vast potential held behind bars
I think it takes guts and foresight to consider building a product for incarcerated individuals and penitentiary systems. Fascinating and smart!
@UXAndrew Very cool, target audience innovation!
@UXAndrew Thanks so much for the kind words! We over here at JES appreciate all of the support and feedback!
@mcornstu If you guys are hiring UX or Product, let me know! This is a company I'd love to be on board with.
@UXAndrew we will be in touch! We are indeed.
@UXAndrew SO much this! There needs to be complete reform. Instead of helping the incarcerated, we often traumatize them and send them back into the world without having received any real assistance for their mental and emotional well being and improvement.
A close friend of mine who went to jail for a couple years came out reformed but said jail was the "Ivy League for becoming a criminal". Said there are things you can learn in jail that would be nearly impossible to learn in the real world and that it's so easy to fall back into crime (gang recruiting, lack of opportunities, etc). This education product is so necessary and such a service to humanity.
This is incredible. Back in college I took a social entrepreneurship course and we extensively discussed prison system reform and recidivism. Upon release, so many leave prison with few legitimate skills they can turn into careers. Even then, it's nearly impossible to find a job that will look past their incarceration and record. If you don't mind sharing @mcornstu, is Edovo currently in-use at prisons or jails within the US? What type of adoption are you currently seeing? Are you focused moreso on short-term or longer-term inmates? How easy is it to use for older inmates/the less tech-savvy?
@stttories @mcornstu I have these same questions, and I'd like to add-- How are these integrated in to prison life? Do guards just hand out the tablets? How does that work? Are you able to get user feedback? Are you using any type of analytics software to track use?
@UXAndrew @stttories Tori and Andrew, thanks for your support and your curiosity! We are indeed live in the US at a pilot scale, including in Philadelphia. (See the Forbes or the CNN articles!) We are definitely interested in supporting learners with a variety of sentences; we don't make a selection based on sentence length, and we have content to meet the variety of needs. However, someone with just an overnight stay is unlikely to interact with our product. We've been encouraged so far at how users of all ages engage! Hat tips to John Timpone and John Franchi on that one. The operations will vary from facility to facility, and even building to building within a given facility. Suffice it to say, we are confident this integrates smoothly and securely into the daily life of an incarcerated individual. We are able to get feedback in-person and through our analytics suite (Kibana/Elasticsearch). Thanks again for your questions and support!