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Anton MironovMaker@mironov · CEO jaconda.im
Thanks for featuring! We found Telegram much better than Slack for on-the-go teams, but it lacks some functionality. Not anymore! Jaconda behaves like Slackbot in Telegram groups. It allows you to pull info from dozens of services and provides REST API. We're looking for your feedback on our integrations and overall experience! AMA? 😀
florianpnn@florianpnn · Designer
@mironov Is there a page where we can see all the different services you are supporting?
Jesse Boyes@jexe · Cofounder, Dasher!
@mironov This looks awesome. Any plans to support other messaging apps? (selfish interest: I work at @DasherHQ :) )
noma4iMaker@noma4i · Jaconda
@mironov @DasherHQ @jexe it is not possible until you will give api. Can't see dasher protocol description or any clue to start with.
Jesse Boyes@jexe · Cofounder, Dasher!
@mironov @DasherHQ @noma4i haha, fair enough. We've been working with a few developers to integrate closely with us before we get public documentation ready. If you find yourself interested in diving in, please reach out!
Anton MironovMaker@mironov · CEO jaconda.im
@florianpnn Here is the list of available integrations: And much more are on the way.
John P. Joseph@johnpjoseph · CEO | Founder, Ondaka
Looks great - this may be what we need to have Telegram become our defacto standard at work - any chance you have gitlab and docker integrations in the pipeline already?
Anton MironovMaker@mironov · CEO jaconda.im
@johnpjoseph yes, they're at the top of our list. I will ping you back when they are ready.
Anton MironovMaker@mironov · CEO jaconda.im
@johnpjoseph Gitlab integration is live! What do you expect from the integration with Docker?
Moshe CotacallapaHunter@frankmoshe · Traveler. Scientist.
Add steroids to @Telegram. @jacondaim allows you to integrate @Instagram, @Twitter, @Trello, ..., etc with @Telegram.