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Greg Gilbert
@gregoiregilbert · Founder,
Congrats on the launch @iamashley! Super happy to see you featured on PH. You've been working for a while on this project, defeating one by one the obstacles that come with creating this kind of businesses. Congratulation! Can you tell us about the specific problem that you solve with Jack? Also, you have a great story building this. Mind sharing it with us? The genesis and the obstacle you ran into?
Ashley Baxter
@iamashley · Company Director, Insurance By Jack
@gregoiregilbert Thanks, Greg! I've been in the industry for over a decade and noticed there are no insurers serving freelancers. Freelancers are overlooked by insurers because it's still considered a small market, even though it's growing. Because of this, freelancers don't have much information about why they need business insurance, therefore they overlook it. This upsets me because they are just as vulnerable as more traditional businesses. How many freelancers do you know that have run into problems with unpaid invoices and crappy clients? A lot. What I want to do with Jack is tailor the experience specifically to freelancers. Provide content that educates them as to why they need business insurance, offer a customer journey that's designed for them and makes it easy to get a quote, provide a policy that will cover them for what they need, then top it off with customer benefits that are relevant to freelancers. My story spans 11 years when I inherited my Dad's property insurance business at the age of 18. I taught myself a bit of code and really got into design. It was through doing that I realised how much the technology and design (amongst other things) in the insurance space sucks. It's taken me this long to launch Jack because I come from an unconventional background. I inherited a business instead of working my way up in a traditional insurance firm. I don't have industry qualifications or even a University degree. Because of that, I may seem a bit of an edge case in the insurance industry and many insurers weren't keen to take a chance on working with me. I'm glad I persevered.