iZooto is an audience re-engagement tool that drives higher conversions, order fulfillments, and user callback exponentially. Say goodbye to cart drops and leaks with iZooto

• Segment users by interest, clickstream, and behavior

• Automatically send notifications when your users are most likely to engage with them

• Add banner images, emojis, CTAs

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Hi everyone. Stoked to have been hunted! Thanks, @kwdinc I am Vivek, a Founder at iZooto. We are first-time founders and we couldn't be happier about having you guys weigh in on what sucks and what rocks! iZooto's a web marketers wet dream (or that's how we would like to think of it). With iZooto, you can now: • Retarget users automatically without selling kidneys. Set it up. Let it go. Watch 'em roll in! • Personalize notifications by whether someone likes potpourri or pot and if they ran away at the sight of your homepage or slept on your Deal Of The Day • Send notifications when they are most likely to be in a boring meeting. Not when they are at the pub down the street on a Friday evening • Create rich-media notifications that even their grandma will click. Don't bug your developers about making these for you! Our data says you will need exactly 15 seconds to get your first subscriber and be set for world domination but if you can beat that record (we'll track it all for you), you will get a swanky new Kindle Oasis shipped right to your doorstep. Go ahead. Give it a whirl. For all you apple-of-our-eyes, we have a special 20% flat (code PHersROCK) for a year on your iZooto susbscription.
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Right now, their if-then triggers are pretty self-explanatory for people who know what they're doing. What if I am a first-time e-Commerce marketer and just need to follow what others in my industry have been doing for a while?

I think if I could be asked a set of three questions and be presented a set of customized triggers for my industry and sub-industry, I will get started much quicker.


Simple to set up. Short time-to-value. Amazing ROI.


Product can be more intuitive. Prepackaged setup for top industries so noobs can use it.

Marketing automation platform with push notifications as a channel. Dear Developers, there are APIs. Dear Marketeers, there are UseCase Templates for e-commerce, publishers, saas, service providers etc. Jargon Alert! We have APIs, events, properties, audience builder, auto captured properties and events. FreeWill to innovate and improvise is supported by iZooto. Personally, my second attempt at SaaS. Here for Suggestions, Feedback, Discussions. We promise to incorporate the good-ones fast. Evolution is what, we all are here for. "Vulcan salute"!
Subscriber automation (getting them that is) is the holy grail of digital marketing. Great work!
@sundaymorningpharma Thanks, Sean. Creating a delightful subscription ux further fires that process. Do give this a spin and share your feedback!

The web audience deserves more ways of engagement on user's journey. Notifications have been known to be notorious and that's why they have high opt out rates as well. Other means could be things like custom popups, in page notifications etc based on triggers.

Also, lot of people look for a solution that does the engagement for apps & web together so that may be a area to explore as well.


Breeze to integrate and get started

Starts working from Day 1 with almost no hassels

A team that communicates well - kudos Kristi!


Should expand to cover more engagement means than just notifs