The easiest and safest way to buy cryptocurrency with Credit/Debit Card. Our EU regulated exchange delivers crypto directly to your wallet address in under 10 minutes
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Hey Product Hunt! Thank you, @kevin, for hunting our product. We greatly appreciate it. My co-founder, @porsche_ma, and I created iwanttobuybitcoin, because we believe that crypto has an indispensible place in the future, and that a crypto-friendly world will be a freer world. Nevertheless, a lot of the exchanges out there are hard to use, causing unnecessary confusion and skepticism. So we focused on simplifying the whole buying process, optimizing for the customer experience, such that anyone with a computer and a credit/debit card can easily buy crypto. Our mission is to enable mass crypto adoption, and we believe that our product can do that. We hope you like our product, and we’re more than happy to answer your questions :)
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Awesome product, especially for someone who isn’t very tech savvy but wants to invest in crypto, can’t wait to learn more using this product!
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@leejanisy Thank you! Message us here or on the site if you have any questions using the product :)
Hey guys, love the landing page design! How long does it take for you guys to send me the crypto after I've bought?
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@antonia_chui Hey Antonia, thanks for the support. So we clear our all our payments VISA/Mastercard which is instant most of the time, but in some cases the payment might be delayed if there are some additional checks your bank need to run before clearing the payment. Generally speaking we see over 99% of orders being delivered in the 15 minute to 1 hour window.
Love the product guys!! Do you offer a wallet, or do I need to have my own?
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@pwincesspeach Hey Anthea! Thanks, we spent a lot of time on it! So we're not huge fans of the way most crypto companies hold your funds, we think that it not only increases your total fees through network fees, but that it also creates a lopsided risk profile for customers as the laws that protect customer funds in crypto are still murky at best currently. On our checkout page we ask for a wallet address, which we directly feed to our crypto dispensing wallet. We currently do not offer a wallet but we highly reccomend BRD wallet for it's simple UI/UX (but not for it's crypto purchasing fees...).
Hmmm. Something untrustworthy going on in the comments section here. Check out the accounts behind the generic positive comments. All new accounts and only ever interacted with this product. Sorry, based on that I'm very dubious.
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@simongabriel Agreed, not a good look for a website that takes my credit card number. I'll wait and see before using this.