Domain registrars can be 😡. We're here to change that.


We believe in websites over social profiles. A shop you own over a big platform's soulless storefront. Portfolios meant show off what makes you different.

With iwantmyname, you can get the domain name you've always wanted, then easily connect it to the best apps and services on the web. Devs, marketers, and makers — this is for you.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

They allows to subscribe every domain you want in one single place and

this for me is priceless.


excelent price and fast support ..really 24/7


they should provide discount over , for instance, 10 domains registered

I've been using their service since 2013. No hard sales no clutter just straight forward!


- Sleek interface and good support

- You receive an email in advance when your domain is about to renew


Not that I know of

Hey, how about subdomains? Easy to set up? Also, I don't think they offer emails too but just asking if they do to make sure :)

I've been using their service for over a year now and have no complaints!


Clean and simple UI.

Receive an email before domain is about to expire.

No BS tools that you won't need, or want.


Nothing I can see

Hey, is it simple enough to set up subdomains and switch between www and no www versions? Is it in general as easy and simple as they claim?

I've been using iwantmyname for years now, and i've never once had an issue with anything regarding their service.


-Very simple process

-Great customer support



Very easy to get a domain and set it up. There's a "marketplace" of integrations where they basically set up everything for you automatically so that your domain will work with a particular service. No problems. Price is a bit higher than what you can find elsewhere but there are no hidden charges ever and you get SSL certificate and whois protection by default, so it's actually the same price you'd pay to get the same features elsewhere but it also saves you time and trouble.


Easy, fast, many quick integrations


Interface could be nicer and a few things clearer. Some domains but supported