A simple, beautiful live wallpaper for Mac

iWall is a very popular video that can be used in any format (no conversion required), audio (visualization), pictures, animations, flash, gif, programs, web pages, web sites, URL, url as your dynamic wallpaper, dynamic desktop software, and can interact. Feel good, please share and actively recommend, thank you.

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Bye bye battery life.
@joshuapinter No impact on the battery, running smoothly, fun fun, so that your desktop from the ever-changing, always lead the trend, we are playing.
@pondkoilite There's no chance that playing full-screen video uses less battery than a static image.
@verbiate Video and pictures are not the same, the picture is static, the video is dynamic, like the dynamic can use the video, you can also use the picture to support the picture switch, very convenient, and if the use of video is very short, no power, and Support 4K ultra-high-definition playback, set the desktop, very beautiful.

easy for all mac lovers out there


great app.easy to use



great application to create a wallpaper


cool looking app


no cons

I used a similar software and It suck a LOT Of resources, Will give iWALL a try Editado: no trial available, I pass
@schpn iWall does not take up resources, easy to use, running smoothly. You can use Google Maps https://www.google.com/maps/ to become your Mac computer dynamic wallpaper, dynamic desktop, fun fun. Google Earth inside the data is massive, there are other planets, the moon, the space station panorama, inside the satellite photo, street, map, flight mode, etc., each frame is a rare wallpaper.
@pondkoilite A trial version could help me test your claims in my own machine, which sadly is only a Macbook Air from like 2009 so not so sure about the running smoothly part...
@schpn Well, you send your mac uuid code and the version of your mac osx system to my mailbox, I give you a limited use of the test version. My email: xihuanguang@gmail.com
Have updated pro, this update focus is to solve the perfect use of web files, and now you can directly open a variety of web resources, open the web file button: you can arbitrarily switch a variety of web files. The use of web documents: Be sure to download the web resource package on the Downloads folder, and then extract, as long as the selected page or index.html on it, as long as the safari can open the preview can be perfectly used. Many web pages can be simply replaced to modify the background and renderings and sound effects, as long as you find the relevant folder, with the same format the same name pictures and sound effects on it. Web-based wallpaper is very fun full of fun, free to play their own ideas and ideas, create your own unique desktop, I wish you happy.