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@bentossell Hi ! We @benjmerritt @matpreau @linardbenoit weren't really expecting this as we are exhibiting at websummit today but I imagine this is part of the magic of product hunt ! We are a facebook chatbot builder that aims to bring the power of chatbots directly to small & medium businesses through an easy and intuitive interface. No coding required ! We believe our interface is a lot easier to understand for people that aren't into tech or web and it's really improving weekly. Today, Small & medium companies struggle answering always the same questions 20 times per day. It's time consuming and they just can't be available all the time. We are offering a solution that enables them to stay focus on their work. On the real questions that need attention by automatically answering to the short and simple questions and suggesting and driving users to other services and platforms (app, websites). We are heading to develop a library for specific business needs. We have a few interesting features coming out soon that we believe will make us stand out such as : analytics, notifications, integrations, quick menu... We are actually working on it and will keep you posted when it's out! We are also looking to partnership with agencies and startups to integrate more complex solutions and make them simple together. We are at WebSummit but please AMA, we really didn't want to rest anyway !
@benjmerritt @bentossell @matpreau @linardbenoit This is really awesome. Thank you for making this.
@lay2000lbs thanks ! What's your favorite part of it ?
Such a tough space to be in. How does this compete with similar simple solutions like Chatfuel?
@bentossell hi, everything is in the interface, chatfuel does a great work for people who want to go deep into chatbots, focused on digital people and big companies but when you want to do simple things, its quickly complicated. We are focusing only on facebook and more oriented on enabling small and medium business to quickly access to the powerful chatbot automation functionalities. We believe we don't need AI and NLP for the moment as most of people don't know what to say when they talk to a bot and just need to have buttons that suggest where to start / drive the conversations. Like a mini app.
Here is the last chabot we did with itsalive: websummit chatbot
Hi everyone here is a medium post to introduce itsalive Feel free to Ask Me Anything !