ISS Live Video & Audio Stream

Look down on earth & listen to astronauts live from the ISS

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Why do we need to pay for this when Nasa provides it for free?
@johntheoak Hi Joao, the main reason is - NASA does not provide any phone applications for these streams and the iPhone app that Ustream does provide is not very good (as it is obviously bound by the 1000s of livestreams on there) and does not include all the features that this one has regarding the ISS and it's live streaming.
Yes you can view on ustream but the convenience, features and usability simply are not as good as this app. For the sake of 79p (uk) it's a no brainer and have to say I'd happily pay for this over a fiddly URL based link. Well done Matt, great app and deserves to do well!
This is an awesome app to view live footage and audio from the International Space Station. You can hear Astronauts talking with Mission Control, you can track where the ISS is over the earth and you can look down on earth from the multiple cameras mounted on the ISS.