Islands connects you with people, places and communities you care about at your college. Finding your people is a core, primal need and unlocks human potential.

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Hey you 😍, Im the Founder/CEO at Islands & beyond excited to be here. Since I've been a kid, I've always been really excited about bringing people together. Islands is about bringing all sorts of groups of people at college together from the LGBT community to party people to fraternities to classrooms. Think of Islands a way to unlock all sorts of different group chats (we call them Islands) in your area. College is the single greatest time for self-discovery, yet it's actually pretty hard to find your people, places and communities that matter to you. Enter Islands 🌴. Islands is only live on select campuses. Those include University of Florida, University of South Carolina, University of Western Ontario etc. I’m here to answer any questions/thoughts/feedback you might have about the product/space.
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@gregisenberg wow this is brilliant! Exactly what I’ve been looking for regarding college. I can’t wait to try it out when my college is added! Need any campus reps or is there a way to get a shirt?
@gregisenberg @3raxton Yo can I get one of those sick shirts too?
@gregisenberg interest-based networking is the future and I love how Islands is able to capture the need of hour. I can’t wait for it to go global! All the best to you and your team 😄
Greg's been quiet about Islands in the tech community until recently. For the past ~year he's been traveling to universities around the country, hanging out on college campuses to learn from and intro the app to his target demo (more in @kerrymflynn's Mashable piece). What's been the biggest surprise or most interesting learning during this time, @gregisenberg?
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@rrhoover +1 awesome article from @kerrymflynn 💯👌 Makes so much sense living on a college campus for a ~year when building something like this. From a community standpoint – I personally believe you cannot spend "too much" money on shirts/stickers things like that, especially in the early days, when building your community, promoting the brand, and rewarding early users of the platform (and making them feel like part of the team). So, I love that @gregisenberg took this to the next level and... 1) Actually went back to college to see what the user need is (Image caption: “Severely stoked to be back at college” 😂) 2) Created an entire clothing line around Islands 🌴 (designed by Skrillex's fashion brand Owsl)
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I strongly believe that students deserve their own social network, each campus their own small island 🏝 Good job @gregisenberg 👏
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Merci Emmanuel!
@gregisenberg @emmanueldarmon this is facebook when I joined back in college when it was only for college kids but obviously with it's own relevant style for todays students. Mad respect.
Why? Hey, here's an idea: You need a "Slack for X?" Easy! All you have to do is make an actual Slack account and then use it for X.
@andrewdavidj all you have to do is look at the branding of each. Islands will be way more intriguing to your average college student
@andrewdavidj One of my professors once suggested our class use Slack, needles to say the class stuck to a lame WhatsApp group. If there were any option more targeted for students that would be amazing and hopefully start ridding my phone of pointless WhatsApp groups ☺️