free personal status page for remote work

Share your availability without sharing your calendar. isBusy makes working from home a little easier by helping others understand if you're available or busy via a free personal status page. Adapts to your working schedule and free to use forever.
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Hey all! I put this together in some spare time over the past few weeks. I'm a senior software engineer who's recently switched to permanently-remote work due to Covid-19. It's been a bit of an adjustment for me and my family, too, so I wanted to make some tools to make it a little easier for everyone. I often find it hard for my family to know if I am busy, "busy", or "please please don't interrupt" busy. isBusy solves that by unifying all your work and personal calendars and presenting an easy to understand status page. I hope this makes working from home a little easier for everyone! Let me know what you think or if there are things I can improve! 🤗
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This seems like a fun tool to use to communicate each other's busy schedules! Does every user have a link that anyone can go on or would everyone in the family have to make an account?
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@astha_sharma good question! If I understand correctly: only the one "sharing" their calendar needs an account - the link they get is public (although it uses a unique shortcode and doesn't have any sensitive info). I didn't want it to be too much work to opt-in, but have "private sharing" or something like that on the roadmap for the future and will see if there's demand! :)
Easy to use and simple for families to adopt!
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Easy to use, useful, free! Thanks for this handy tool for working at home.
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Very smart and simple idea for hacking back external triggers!
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@nireyal thanks very much! Hope you enjoy using it and it makes things a bit easier!