ISA List

An index of companies offering Income Share Agreements

ISA List is an index of companies offering Income Share Agreements, or facilitating the growth of the industry. The index includes over 75 bootcamps, colleges, servicers, and more involved in the space.
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I was really not expecting the list to be as big as that so I am pleasantly surprised :-) Here's hoping more and more realise the potential and that list grows substantially over the next few years!
@colinwinhall For sure. It's exciting to see so many people involved in the space. And I can only expect that more bootcamps and colleges will launch ISA programs in the near future.
Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I'm excited to launch ISA List, an index of companies offering Income Share Agreements. Over the last few months, I have been maintaining a personal spreadsheet with a list of companies, schools, and investors in the space. Many people started to ask what companies I knew about in the space. So I decided to make my findings public. ISA List is the most comprehensive index of companies in the ISA space. I intend on updating this index as soon as I discover any companies, or when any changes are necessary. Feel free to ask any questions (or list suggestions for the index)!
@jamesg_oca Massive congrats on the launch! Couldn't think of a better person to build and maintain this product.
@anthilemoon Thanks, Anne-Laure!
Cool list! This and the no code movement are the ones to watch. This list will only get bigger. Nice job.
@imdaeshawn Thanks, Daeshawn!
@jamesg_oca You're welcome, James!
Amazing! congrats on the launch, James