Full stack & predictive data analysis in less than a second

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IQLECT is a full stack platform with apps for real-time data analytics that breaks the conventional approach. The platform enables data visualization, predictive modeling, machine learning, data science, complex event processing, API integration, notifications and more on the SaaS platform without the need for coding.
What are the applications/use-cases that this platform has solved most effectively?
@webofnithin The platform has been designed to be data agnostic in nature which means it can deal with any kind of data. Most of the use cases are in the area of optimising the business through real time insights. For example; entire infrastructure monitoring for data centres or cloud providers, personalisation for ecommerce companies, security and fraud for transactions or payments etc. IQLECT's strength is in dealing with different kinds of data at a single place to solve some of the relevant and forward looking problems
Hows this different from Manageengine or Splunk?
@bhavyashree_srinivasan There are few key differentiators with other platforms or tools. Few are as follows; a. IQLECT removes all tech silos, therefore improving the performance, manageability, cost and usage b. Convergence allows lower latency and removes network hops which adds to performance which is of essence for the real time analysis c. IQLECT performs data processing before it's indexed or persisted, unlike other platforms where it's first stored and reverse indexed (splunk). IQLECT also avoids post processing to great extent. This means IQLECT can find patterns, anomalies etc much faster than any of the other tools like splunk or ME d. Further IQLECT focuses in predictive analysis rather than hind sight analysis e. it's very simple to collect all sorts of data in a single place thus enabling some of the complex analysis in simple way. This avoids need for multiple tools etc f. Also, ME is largely static tool where user doesn't have ability to extend or add g.Finally, IQLECT is truly real time platform where the continuous processing of data is by default. On the other hand other tools have to execute queries to get the data
Product looks awesome! Good job team!
@gautham_ramakrishnan Thank you. Please spread the word