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Very misleading.

Not a correct representation of how iPhone X handles websites.

I'm sorry, but this isn't at all accurate. When you view a website on iPhone X (that hasn't been especially optimised for iPhone X), it automatically adds margin down the left and right so that the notch and rounded corners do NOT obscure any content.

See these screenshots:

iPhone X Tester: http://spdr.me/gdl8C

Official iPhone Simulator: http://spdr.me/XSyGgP

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Wow, you didn't get the joke.
Levi Tabansi
Levi Tabansi@levitabansi · Digital Designer
@iduuck some people are scrambling to sort out their websites or try and offer the full-width option so would come across this and hope it can help them. They could miss the "joke" which I only realised because of your comment.
Levi Tabansi
Levi Tabansi@levitabansi · Digital Designer
How did you get that simulator. Is that from Xcode?