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#2 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2016
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Hello Product Hunters, I’m Max the curator of iOS Stash. I’m super excited to have been hunted today. I’ll be available all day to answer any comments you have, really looking forward to it! I started iOS Stash as a visual directory of all tools related to app development. There are already cool sites out there that list tools, but getting a visual overview of the alternatives has always helped me to see the bigger picture. The goal at the moment is to give developers an overview of solutions and alternatives for different use cases and topics. The three main categories are: - “Concept” - “Development” - “Marketing” These categories try to mimic the life cycle/stages of app development. You’ll also find different sub-categories to give a better overview. It’s been challenging to decide which tool goes in which category, so I’m more than happy to use this opportunity to get input from the great Product Hunt community! I always like to get honest feedback, so if you have any suggestions on the categories, existing or new tools, just let me know what you think. Happy coding everyone!
@ott_max Great curation Max! Finally a visual overview for people in the app industry. It became quiet hard to get a clear picture of relevant services in place. Thank you for adding to the list of ASO tools! :)
@stefanmimikry exactly! As much as I like text lists, getting a visual overview was important for me.
Hi Max, just upvoted you, good look in the today's competition. What are your thoughts of start using iOSstash if you're someone like me (SendPulse, we @ PH 2 days ago), that will launch iOS for Artificial Intelligence and personalization for E-mail/Push/SMS in the beginning and hasn't started creating rebranding for old-mobile app? Added to my Tools to iOS-collection! I want to be a partner with iOSstash; how do I reach the business development team?
@medvednikov thanks for your help! We honestly ❤️ feedback and want to improve this tool with the community. You can contact me via or directly on Twitter.
Stacks and stashes are everywhere these days, but I like how you've split them up into the three stages here. Makes it more accessible.
@fredrivett we spent quite some time to find the "right" layout. I'm still not 100% happy with it. If you have any suggestion, go for it. 🤓
Max, its truly amazing curated list! Loved it.
@anixification thanks, I hope it makes developing amazing apps a little easier.
Paul, you were also involved with iOS Stack - so what's the difference here?
@bentossell A clever observation! You know, iOSStack is how I met my friend @ott_max . He shared with me his vision for a 'one glance' curated landscape for iOS people. The main difference is the way tools are collected and presented. On iOS Stash, the focus is to give an overview of ideally the most relevant tools in the different areas as curated by @ott_max . It’s more a visual collection from the outset, but without any commentary or rating. The real inspiration for iOS Stash is from the different “Marketing Technology Landscapes” floating around the web (albeit @bram 's additional influence from StartupStash).