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#3 Product of the DayApril 28, 2016
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This collection of sites and tools would have been so helpful when we were launching Fittr -- where were you when I needed you, iOS Stack?!
@kikischirr I know the feeling Kiki I needed this most a year ago. Would have avoided so many pitfalls. That being said it's great to have it now. I'm finding great value in it already. Have so much to read through. I feel developers and agencies should recommend resources like these to their clients to use as a guide to the app world.
@kikischirr Nice! I've been maintaining a similar list myself inside my Evernote - so many great new additions here - thanks for the hard work!
@andreaskam that'll be a handy Evernote to share with a public link (or we can use it for iOSStack 2.0). After all, your the guy who beat Snoop Dogg on here and Minecraft on the App Store (for a day) 👏
Any plans to show examples of apps using just these resources? Or even an iOS app itself for this?
@bentossell I think it would be difficult getting an app that replicates the site past Apple. However, you make a great point re the apps built using just these resources; "Apps' made here" would be a great addition.
Note: we have a Slack community built around this site called iOSStack-friends.slack . It has 500+ community members made up of app developers, investors, founders, designers etc. . We will fast-track (for free) anyone joining our Slack today and tomorrow since you've most likely come from Product Hunt and we want to give back to this awesome community. @bentossell You make a great point! @cdbeshore and I hadn't thought about having iOSStack as the only source for links and resources to build an app. Maybe testimonials and links to apps from site users / fans could work!
It's exciting to be on Product Hunt for iOSStack . I've been working with @cdbeshore on this curation for app entrepreneurs. It's a year's worth of links and resources we've accumulated. Ask us anything - we're around all day :)
@paul_s_kemp @cdbeshore Why did you feel the need to create iOSSStack?
@anselm_k @paul_s_kemp I curate Indie iOS Focus Weekly every thursday. I was frustrated that after a few days all the great content from the newsletter is buried behind the next newsletter and rarely accessed. iOSStack brings it back to life along with links that may have just missed being in the newsletter and other curated content found.
@cdbeshore @paul_s_kemp Awesome! And what is the relationship between the Slack community that you and Pal created and What's the synergy here?
@anselm_k @cdbeshore the Slack community was intended to be our beta playground for potential iOSStack users. As it happens, it turned into an awesome community on its own (as you know). We'll continue to add value as hosts of this community:
@paul_s_kemp @cdbeshore Thank you for the resource it's very useful @paul_s_kemp
A great resource for developers and non-developers alike. I'm an app marketer and there are some really good resources in there. Cheers!
@jeffreyromano It's been great getting to know you in our iOSStack Slack community and on TheAppreneurPodcast. To think it all started with my interview with your founder at Scheduit. Thanks for coming to say hello today and sharing your feedback
A really useful collection of links for professionals related with iOS: developers, designers, marketers...
@ferrenet You're so amazingly connected in the entrepreneurial and startup scene; especially in Spain. This means a lot! Thanks