iOS Live Photo Social Media app. Post and watch!

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an interesting monetization model, but gotta say i don't see an entire network based off of live photos when instagram exists.
@thejeremycarson Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciate it! Capturing Live Photo is one of the best iPhone features. Unfortunately many iPhone users have no clue what is Live Photo or how to use it. Therefore we have been forced to modify the standard Live Photo to a looping video instead of 'thump photo'. People have been building 'reach' / followers over the past decade but not had a change to really directly monetise it. We believe that Social Media industry is going to see Netflix, Hulu etc subscription models. Influencers we have spoken with are planning to raise money to their charities or finance their drivers seat or one yoga teacher wants to go online without building own monetisation site/app (signup and you are ready to go vs 12 months of development).
Thank you @producthunt for the opportunity to showcase our app! We would like to say we are the first iOS Live Photo Social Media app where 'Insiders' can post and watch other iOS Insiders Live Photos. We are also in process of boarding Social Media influencers to share their Premium posts. It is free to follow the influencers but to see their Premium posts Insiders will pay $1.99 / month to subscribe. We believe Social Media is going to see monetisation trend in the coming years for exclusive premium content. So far we have our Co-Founder double Formula One World Champion Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher Keep Fighting foundation on our Premium account list. Many more are coming soon with new features (the list is long and i will keep you updated here). If you have any questions pls comment below or email me directly Thank you for reading and looking forward to your feedback! PS. We are working hard to get the Android version to support Live Photo videos. Thank you for your patience Android users! Few demo videos about iNZDR app: