Automating tasks freelancers don’t like to do.

Inyo helps freelancers focus on what matters by automating tasks they don't like to do.
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Hi Product Hunt, First off, a big thank you to @albn ! I'm Yannick, CEO of Inyo. With my team, we're more than excited to connect again with the PH community! Since 2015 we've developed multiple design apps gathering 100,000+ users. Talking to our community we understood how rewarding being a freelancer could be, but we also gained an overview about their daily struggles. Indeed it comes with plenty of work and a ton of worries people weren't prepared for. Clients dawdling to validate your work, last-minute rushes, payments coming (way) too late, tight schedules and overlapping projects. You know what I mean? 😉 That's why we created Inyo. Inyo is the first Smart Assistant for freelancers to stay on top of their work. Create projects, share them with your clients and automate repetitive tasks (documents collection, payment reminders, validation requests, and so on). As former freelancers and now entrepreneurs, we created the tool we always needed. We’re eager to get your take on Inyo and we’ll be here all day to answer questions! Of course, we have a little something for the PH community! 🎁 Get Inyo for life for $75 following this link: — Don’t be shy, this offer will end on September 17th! BTW, I’d really appreciate if you can take a few seconds to let me know in the comments what are your current struggles as a freelancer so we can continue to improve Inyo. Yannick
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@albn @yannick_mthy How long did it take to build Inyo and what's your future plans?
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@lisadziuba Thanks for asking! We started to interview our community in November and feedback helped us building a first MVP in 3 months. Since March over 1,500 freelancers help us to improve Inyo, and here we are! With Inyo, we would like to centralize all the apps and things that freelancers have to deal with on a daily-basis… This is a big challenge but the freelancers community is huge!
@yannick_mthy nice!!! keep such speed in delivering new features!
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Inyo helps me cut down on endless back-and-forth emails with my clients. Now they can just take a look at the project and add a comment if they have any questions!
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@karim_zegaa Thank you Karim!
I've been a continuous user since the beginning of the app, and I approve this.
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@sanh_ly Thank you for the kind. It's great having you as one of our clients.
Inyo not only allowed me to prepare and structure my freelance days but also allowed me to communicate better with my clients. The tool is intuitive, beautiful and the learning curve is very fast. I highly recommend Inyo! 👌🏻
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@nazoura Oh, thank you!
Inyo not only allowed me to better structure my workdays, but it also helped give a clear project overview for my clients.
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@lucas_pozzer Thanks for your feedback!