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I am a UX / Product Designer.

Very sad to see that Invision - once a really great company, currently focuses more on marketing than on actually delivering something. Tons of promises never fulfilled. I'm especially disappointed that after long wait and poorly handled delay the invitation I received was Mac only. Despite the initial promises the Windows users were ignored again.


Potentially, could be great


No Windows version, delays and poor communication from Invision

Hey! I'm Kris with InVision. Bummed to read that. Obviously we’ve let you down somewhere along the way. We are so excited about Studio and are working like crazy to get the Windows version in your hands. Happy to chat 1-1 to hear more about your frustrations.
VP, Chief of Staff @ InVision
Hey there- so sorry to hear you feel this way! The Windows version of Studio is still on its way and will be entering early access mode alongside the Mac version as soon as we are able. Transparent shop talk: One of the most difficult parts about building products is being faced with priority decisions. Delaying our Windows launch slightly is one of those tough decisions that stings but one that we ultimately made for the benefit of all users in the long haul (especially Windows users). The quickest way to get to a critical path, optimized, daily-driver experience is to nail the platform where we have the highest % of day-to-day users at the moment (which happens to be Mac). The good news is that based on our tech stack choices the platform experience scales incredibly well cross-platform. Mac also happens to have a lower set of configuration permutations (there's a more finite set of machine models) so it makes ruling out issues based on unique configurations a lot easier. This means that a razor focus up front on Mac ensures overall platform success and a much tighter Windows experience when we officially open up that build as well. So while the delay here may seem counter-intuitive its actually been made in the spirit of fast track our dev cycles there. Totally get that its still a bummer, but hoping some context here is helpful. Thanks for hanging in there! I'd really love the opportunity to connect with you one-on-one to dig deeper and make sure we're communicating and delivering for you! I'd love it if you would hit me up: stephen[at] so we can chat a bit more. Thanks!
Exactly. Why even say that the early access has both windows and mac then once you're in "after a long wait" the windows download is disabled. You could say that from the beginning. But again, marketing. Anyway Adobe XD all the way; Less marketing from their team while over delivering.
So. Much. Bluster. Also, btw, the core product that got them here, prototyping, hasn't had a meaninful update in, I dunno, 4 years? 3 years? It's still just gluing together PNGs with arbitrarily drawn hotspots. I'm with you, I used to be a _huge_ fan, but blah. Invision seems to be a brand more than a product company, and I don't need another brand in my life.

So many things happen to invision right now still, windows get left behind, I got excited about the "Studio" thing, but losing interest as I patiently waiting. And here is another one, how are we going to catch up, if we cant even have a single try?

Where's justice and diversity? lol ✌️ Just kidding :)


Apple OS Users, Design & Rejoice!


Windows Users, Enjoy Watching!

Developer @Moodys Analytics

Love the idea of no longer shifting back and forth from my browser to Studio. I've signed up for the early developer access :)


Excited about having easy access to outside data and assets while designing


Could add clutter and complexity, versioning issues

Freelance UI/UX Designer

Really looking forward to switching over from sketch, but unfortunately can't until there is a symbol and style system.


ALMOST feature parity with sketch

Innovative approach

Super simple interaction design - no Adobe AE needed anymore


Minor performance issues

Can't switch over from sketch until there is comparable symbol / style sytem