Invisible Girlfriend

Evidence that you have a girlfriend, even if you don't

#3 Product of the DayAugust 22, 2014

Invisible Girlfriend is a digital version of a girlfriend.

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Is Manti Te'o on PH? @mteo_5
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@carlobff I switched from the app to the website just so I could upvote this comment.
@carlobff Possible spokesperson, right? (Nope. Just kidding.)
@riaface hahaha @rrhoover - product request! While we're at it, can we order comments by (∆ (upvote + comments) Velocity)/time?
@carlobff haha, we've chatted about that. In other news, I'm incredibly out of touch with sports/pop culture. I have no idea what a Manti Te'o is.
One step closer to Her becoming a reality. I suppose this is solving a problem, but not one that I have. My girlfriend and I met on Tinder. :D
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@xoalexo glorious. & no, indeed.
Must be a slow day here 😉
@zackshapiro Surprised it's on here, actually!
I've already got my lovely She answers most of my questions with a sharp "that's not appropriate" and I must say we are very happy together.