Investors Club 2.0

Profitable online businesses vetted & handed right to you

Investors Club gives you private access to buy (and sell) proven and growing online businesses that aren’t listed anywhere else. The deals we list come with full due diligence reports and are ready for you to review right away.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Andrej, founder of Investors Club. It’s a private marketplace for buying and selling online businesses with lower fees, better service, and less work for buyers and sellers. Since our launch on PH back in January (, we’ve grown to 800+ members with a constant flow of private deals not listed anywhere else. Problem: Dealing with a major website broker is awful for everyone except the broker. - Sellers cough up obscene fees (10-25%) to brokers for doing the bare minimum, wait weeks to be approved, and waste hours dealing with tire-kickers and copycats. - Buyers dig through hundreds of bad listings for profitable deals, race against thousands of people to find them, and then waste hours on due diligence because broker reports are basic and full of holes. That doesn’t even cover the time or fees for legal docs, technical site transfer, post-sale inspection, or an escrow service. None of it is beginner-friendly. The idea: after buying and selling 600+ sites for myself and for clients (I’m also CEO of Alpha Investors), I wondered: why isn’t there a better way to do this? So I built Investors Club. What’s different? + Industry-low fees: capped at 5% regardless of deal-size; sellers keep more profit. + No-fee assisted purchase: our team handles mediation, transfer, and inspection on every deal at no extra cost. Both sides barely lift a finger, and it makes buying/selling more accessible to first-timers. + Deeper due diligence: 24-point analysis conducted by veteran analysts and SEOs so you can just click, review, and invest. + Done-for-you legal docs: for you, it’s as easy as “fill-in-the-blank.” + No-fee escrow: no limits, fast turnaround, included on all deals. Keep more of your money! Plus: Members are vetted (asked for proof of funds) to protect sellers from tire-kickers. Listings go live in 7 days (not weeks), exclusivity contracts are shorter (3 months vs. 6), inspections wrap in 7 days (not four weeks), and we do manual in-depth valuations to ensure you get a fair price. New in 2.0: - In-app chat: ask questions and negotiate from inside the app, no exploding inboxes. - Free valuation tool: get an instant estimate of your site’s worth, no email required. - Dashboards: buyers manage all ongoing deals from one screen. Sellers evaluate and respond to incoming deals in one easy view. - Guaranteed sale: if your listing doesn’t move in 90 days, we pay you for your time. I hope you’ll be excited by what we’re building, and I love feedback—thank you for reading this! Andrej
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@andrejilisin this is great! What businesses sold have you been the most excited about so far?
@pollock That's a tough one! We had a couple of low-to-med six-figure content sites that got sold within a week of going live. I always get excited when we publish a new listing and it instantly gets traction with our buyers
@andrejilisin this is cool! Great opportunity to add value in the purchasing process.
These guys know what they're doing. Don't look anywhere else.
@juliet_lyall Thank you, Juliet!
Consistent deal flow and valuable due diligence reports. IC is a huge efficiency boost for web site investors
@david_dodge1 Thanks for stopping by, David. Glad to hear you find it helpful and valuable.
Any discount code for PH users? :)
@teamfc haha, it's free to use!
Thanks Andrej Investors Club is really needed
@bam_365 Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, that's why we're doing our best to create an environment that's benefiting both sides. Glad to hear you like it.