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Mike, this is bloody needed. Introductions are inefficient and time consuming. I have been trying to stick to the practice of Opt-in intros (as I think saves time for those being intro'd) but it's a drain. I call it the Tinder-intro. Keep it up. I'd love to help shape the product.
@sal_matteis Opt-in intros are on our list to implement soon. We'll automatically seek permission before making the intro, and the make the intro once permission is received. It'll be super convenient.
@mkrupit thanks - that will be extremely useful. I tend to agree with the comment below. Analytics seems ''a nice to have'' to review effectiveness of the intros (Normally you'd get a 'thank you' note from either of the parties involved) but making 'the act of making intros' more effective is surely a much needed product. Opt-in is the killer app for me.
@sal_matteis Noted. And we agree,
@sal_matteis @mkrupit it looks like they just added opt-in functionality, according to their newsletter
@_jacksmith @sal_matteis We sure did! And had previously added a feature to solicit feedback from people you've introduced. We're working on functionality now for groups to use IntroNet together, and then doing native mobile apps and a Gmail plug-in. Thanks to IntroNet's users, we've learned so much and are able now implement the features we know are wanted and will be used. Keep the feedback coming.
Thanks for the votes. I'm Co-Founder and CEO. Happy to answer your questions or get feedback.
@mkrupit This is great and I am excited to see it mature. If you'd like some suggestions, or advice, I'd be happy to assist. I'd like to see a way to get introduced to someone, instead of just doing the introducing. Possibly allowing a request to be intro'ed to someone, and maybe an offer to intro 2 people for them in exchange. Just a thought. Good luck with everything.
@ryannegri Thanks, Ryan. We're working on things like soliciting more feedback from introductions, social graphing, scoring/ranking your growing network and influence. We've considered features to seek introductions, but holding off for now given that a number of apps have tried that and failed big, so we'll build it inside-out :-)
@mkrupit feedback: I think that your biggest challenge will be getting people to send that first intro, as we don't know what the service sends to our trusted contacts. I think that the best way to get over this would be to add a button saying "send a demo intro to yourself", so you can see exactly what your contacts will receive. e.g. I just had to create a fake intro between two of my email accounts to test it
@mkrupit I just tested it and I think that whilst the concept is awesome; the implementation needs a bit of work. Pros: opt-in intro concept; feedback on the intro Negatives: intro email is super heavily branded, big logo, big tagline etc.; opt-in email template looks very spammy, like a newsletter. Here's how I do intros: based on: http://blog.eladgil.com/2012/08/... - I'll ask the person I want to connect someone to if they're ok to intro, that email will look like Elad's example, i.e. explaining why I want to make the intro. Currently intronet doesn't let you customize the opt-in text. - the person accepts, then I'll send a connection email. this will include: 1) a short bio of person 1 and then 2) a short bio of person 2. Presently intronet only lets you customize one block of text. I'd love it if I could have a template with two blanks, being the description of each person; then I could fill in the bio of person one and overview of person 2. I think that the opt-in intro page needs to be stylized much more like a standard email, vs a newsletter template type email though.
Happy to upvote a fellow Philly tech startup! Great idea.
Love this idea. I just signed up to try it! You might want to reconsider the comma in your tagline. It could either be: Make Introductions, Easy and Powerfully or Make Introductions Easy and Powerful
@allisonveronica Thanks, Allison. We've just hired a real marketer, so all those commas and much better copy should be coming soon :-)
@mkrupit That's a smart early hire on your part :)
@allisonveronica Good leaders always know their limitations!
It looks like an interesting concept, however this does seem to place a lot of focus on mass introductions, quality introductions are rarely given en mass, so not sure how effect an analytic component would be to tracking these sort of referrals. Saying that, I think it looks like it could be useful for a high volume recruiting environment.
@acondurache Andrew, mass introductions are not part of our model and the application doesn't encourage it. After connecting your contacts and LinkedIn, you still must provide IntroNet with the name of the two parties to be introduced and a reason, and review the email before it is send. There is no way to do "bulk" introductions in IntroNet.