Contacts, on steroids. For iPhone.

Intro is like Contacts, on steroids. Be effective at connecting with people, networking, and closing deals. Intro helps you learn names, recognize faces, and retrieve information about people you've met. Add people, connections, groups, and add dated notes on each. Add avatars, and use avatar search later to identify people out of context.

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Hi all, Duncan here, maker of Intro. Intro is focussed on helping you connect more effectively with people, because that is key to achieving your objectives: whether that's to complete the sale, coach the client, mentor the student, or just broaden your network. I've always had problems with identifying people out of context, and even more with learning and recalling people's names. I'd never forget my actual loved ones, but some days I couldn't even pull up the names of colleagues and acquaintances I knew reasonably well. I got great at covering for it, but maybe you know how terrible that feels at times. I qualified as a clinical psychologist in New Zealand. A main focus of my doctoral research and subsequent clinical practice was on neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. Inspired by my work with people with significant memory problems after brain injuries, I realized neuropsychological research on errorless learning could help to address my own issues with learning people's names. I'd taught myself to code, and I initially and built a tool simply for myself. I used it for several years to learn people's names, and to keep track of the several thousand people I have met since. Even knowing the research that said an errorless learning approach would work, I was thrilled and amazed as I experienced the result. Seeing a person again and having their name just pop into my head, honestly for me it felt like unlocking a superpower! Meanwhile, along the way I heard from a lot of other people who reported a similar need. Intro is the result—a tool I've personally designed and coded, supported by the wonderful illustrations of Emma Scheltema. Intro is focussed on helping everyone connect more effectively with people. It includes that tool for learning people's names, and also a whole lot more. I'm pleased to finally share it with you all.
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Intro is free to download, and there is a one month free trial of all features available in the app already, but thought I'd give a little more to the Product Hunt community. Here's a few codes to the first lucky hunters that will add a second free month onto that free trial (only one code will work per user). Enjoy! :)
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Great job!! Super useful and handy at times 😊
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This is pretty clever. I can never remember people where I work and this could really help. I’ll definitely give it a try!
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Wow, I like it! Great idea and great execution!