Discover 1000's of hidden Facebook interests to target.

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InterestExplorer is a smart application to discover interests that you can target on Facebook, but that are hidden in the Facebook Ads Manager (which only shows 25 interest suggestions).

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Paco Vermeulen
Paco VermeulenMaker@paco_vermeulen · CMO + side-hustler ;)
Hi PH, Paco here, this is my first app 🎉 InterestExplorer is an app that uses the Facebook Marketing API to get 1000's of interest suggestions, that are hidden from the Facebook Ads Manager interface (which only shows 25 interest suggestions). Features: - You can enter a keyword to explore the underlying related interests. - The app shows the (worldwide) audience size per interest. - You can click the FB or Google button to open a search for the keyword on these platforms. - You can easily select interests you like and copy or export them for use in your FB campaigns. I've written a Medium post about my methodology (and a free method to achieve the same results). What's next? - Language selection, so the app not only returns en_US results, but also interests in other languages. - DataMuse API integration, to get even more relevant interest keywords. 🙏 I'd love to get some feedback and answer questions. This is my first app so there's a lot to learn 😉
Annie Milton
Annie Milton@ani_hakobyan · Believe You CAN and You're Halfway There
As an Ads Coordinator, I really like this!! looking forward to using it !
Paco Vermeulen
Paco VermeulenMaker@paco_vermeulen · CMO + side-hustler ;)
Peter Chaly
Peter Chaly@peterchaly · CEO
Just purchased. And in the first two minutes, I've already found some gems. This is going to be very useful.
Brian Jagger
Brian Jagger@briansjagger · Partner @ Casting Calls Amer. & VidGage
Really like the Facebook link option, provides some examples of the targeting in categories I would not have thought of. Well done!
Diana Furman
Diana Furman@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
I think my team's going to be excited to try this application when we (a crypto wallet) get a Facebook ads integrity certificate. However, it'd be great if there was at least a trial day or a number of trial sessions :(
Paco Vermeulen
Paco VermeulenMaker@paco_vermeulen · CMO + side-hustler ;)
@furmannd Thanks for your comment! Maybe I'll add a trial later on when I've switched to a monthly pricing model. For now, I wanted to focus my time on building the app's features instead of the user admin stuff. I created the demo video to show the app's functionality, but I can also run some example queries for you if you like.