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John from Intercom here - happy to answer any questions that anyone has about Real-time. The team are delighted with the reaction here already.
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@jaycee001 For apps that handle user management. Is there a way to build intercom" into our app as oppose to them having to log into intercom. I hope that makes sense... Any plans to add this to your roadmap?
@jimmymackin Intercom is integrated into your app but you need to log into our platform to see your users. No plans to change that. Hope I understood the question correctly
This is awesome. Definitely a long awaited feature from intercom. So awesome job team intercom. A while ago I was using both Intercom and Zopim (Olark alternative) for customer communication. At the time, Intercom couldn't do live chat. It was just a bit annoying to have customer communication scattered across different service providers. This can finally put an end to that.
Such a great update from the guys at Intercom - can't wait to try this out! I especially love that you can now see when users are online so can prioritise your responses accordingly.
@riaface Thanks for the positive feedback. Let us know if you have any questions.
Talked with the intercom team yesterday at Launch. Very cool people and we use the product every day and glad to see you guys improving the product everyday!
@ashmotamedi I bet! Curious if you guys are using it for user research (in addition to support) ?
@narekk i wouldn't say user research but definitely support. There are some features I think that can be improved upon in support but needless to say love the product!!
I've seen this in like 5 products in the last week. Clearly adoption isn't a problem