Intercom on Product Management provides practical frameworks for navigating the hard choices facing product managers, so that you can ship a product that people want and will use time after time. Intercom's most popular book to date, it's gotten a full visual refresh and is now available for the fist time as an audiobook.

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Looks interesting, but I keep getting error: "We could not process your request. Please try again."
@erickbarron86 Hey Erick. Geoffrey from Intercom here. Can you drop me a note at so I can help troubleshoot for you?
@erickbarron86 @intercom @geoffreykeating not available on Apple Podcasts app either.
@farbodsaraf Hey Farbod, sorry you're having trouble finding the audiobook, but it's indeed listed on Apple Podcasts. If you're having trouble, try this link
@adamrisman I'm having issues getting it. I'm pressing on Subscribe and it doesn't subscribe. Tried both on Mac and iPhone. Can it be since I'm trying using a European Apple ID and not the US one?
@adamrisman issue is resolved. Had to open Podcasts app and search for your podcast manually, the link that you provided redirects me to itunes and it seems there's a bug there which doesn't allow me to subscribe.
As a founder product is a big part of what I do, yet I've never been a "product manager" professionally. Loved Intercom's previous books (esp. Jobs To Be Done), so I'm really look forward to listening to this to get Intercom's top insights into what it means to product.
@fredrivett If you're helping make key decisions about your product (and as a founder, you surely are πŸ™‚) we think you'll find value in this book. Would love to hear what you think after you read or listen, feel free to reach out at
@intercom @adamrisman Definitely, as a founder I wear multiple hats, but the most important is product. I love product and have my head in it a lot, but having never done it professionally I'm sure there's a whole bunch of stuff I can learn here. Its next up on my audiobook list, will ping you once I've listened Adam. Cheers! πŸ™Œ
@fredrivett What other books and reading material would you recommend?
@theashtube What sort of books are you looking for Ashley? If its product books, I found Sprint by @jakek, @jazer & @kowitz to be great for learning about target audiences problems and taking the first step to trying to solve them. Also on audible:
@jakek @jazer @kowitz @fredrivett Yep got that one bookmarked. I guess any general product books/must-haves. I'm trying to read more and want to ensure I am reading the right stuff, ya know? Trying to progress into a PM role.
If you're struggling to decide between two features, what are the 2 or 3 questions you'd ask yourself to decide which to build first? (Assuming you are a very small / one person company and can only build one right now)
@seekwell_io Hey Mike, that's a great question – prioritization is tough. This blog post, written by one of our PMs, provides a good framework that might help:
@adamrisman Thanks for the link! I currently do something similar to RICE, so good to see I'm on the right track.
Love this book as all the others made by Intercom! πŸ€“