Intercom on Marketing

The marketing book for startups, now in print and audio

Getting marketing right is one of the toughest challenges facing startups today. Check out our all-new print and audio versions of Intercom on Marketing to hear how we waded through the noise and you can too.

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Lately, I exclusively read books with my ears, currently working my way through Measure What Matters. I'm curious how most people end up consuming the book. Rarely do you see companies release an audiobook version.
@rrhoover Same. I've been using the audio narration feature on Medium heavily over the past while and noticed companies like Buffer adding it to their blog posts too. I think audio distribution is hard for publishers so they tend to ignore it but it's great for us consumers ; )
@rrhoover How does that work with images for this book? Looks like you're leaving a lot of information on the table...
Just like the website for the book says: “actionable advice you can use today.” Really useful stuff. Everything Des writes is worth reading. (Or listening to, like @rrhoover does!)
I still can't believe how intercom teams find time to create such good content with such frequency. Can't wait to read the printed book and thanks pour the audio chapter !
Amazing work again from Intercom

A great book that has a lot of interesting views about how companies can do marketing and what alternatives we have to choose from. It’s easy to read and has the key facts outlined in a way that I can easily find them again when needed.


The book gives some great insights into building a resonable and not spammy marketing strategy and provides a lot of alternatives.


The only thing missing is it focuses much on what Intercom does now and not when they started initially and how it evolved.