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We've just released our second book, Intercom on Customer Engagement. It's all about effective messaging. It explains how to truly engage your customers by sending the right messages to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Get your free copy today at https://www.intercom.io/books/cu...
@mattnhodges Skimmed through a couple of pages - this is pure gold, thanks for sharing.
If anyone knows customer engagement, it's intercom. Not only is it their product, it is their core competency. Every intercom employee I've ever dealt with has been fantastic. Every support request has received a helpful response in minutes. @Mattnhodges I can't rave enough about how good the Intercom support is.
I love what Intercom does and I respect Des, but this is a crummy way of doing business. Why force someone to tweet or share on Facebook before being able to download? And after getting an email, I get redirected to an admin login page. Just share the resource!
@cynicalgrinch I don't like this pattern either. Kind of ironic when we're downloading a book about making our customers happy and engaged. Sometimes I just do a "me only" Facebook post when this is forced.
@cynicalgrinch Hey Pawel. We do this to make it worth our while to produce such a high-quality product. Which costs a lot of time and money. The gamble is that people will want our content enough to do this small thing we want in return. That gamble is paying off. But it's a little bit pushy. I get it. The admin login page you describe sounds like a bug. Sorry about that. Please email joe@intercom.io and he’ll share the book with you.
@cynicalgrinch "Just share the resource!" Seriously, this is your response to someone who puts their hard work and time into something? You have a really crummy view on valuing people's time. Would you expect people to pay $0 per month for your Mybema service?
@cynicalgrinch You're not being forced. You have the option of not taking the free resource. It's an extremely small "price" to pay for high quality content.
@mbesto I would expect people not to have to be salesmen for a company in order to get my resources. This is something I'd be happy to pay for, so I don't know where you get your $0 notion from... No need to lose civility.
How is this not in the Featured feed?
This is an incredible resource. Thanks for sharing Matt.