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#1 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2014
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For the PH Exclusive beta, we have integrated Trello and Google Calendar with Slack. You can create Trello cards and Google Calendar events from a Slack conversation.
@vinodhdavid Is this like an IFTTT interface atop Hubot? I like the promise of making chat apps and third-party services integrations easier, just curious!
@hopkinschris it's like Hubot more connected to third party apps which is easy to setup and use. Just making it easier to move data from chat to all your favourite services.
This looks great, @vinodhdavid. This would be particularity useful on mobile. We've chatted a bit over the months as you've explored other ideas in this area. What's drawing you to build products in productivity/communication?
@rrhoover Good question. I believe people are going to use different apps for different purposes and its never going to stop but its not well integrated. I am trying to be the guy to put em together. I am very much excited on solving this problem because its tricky to find the balance and I am a huge fan of doing stuffs the smart way, that actually drives to me innovate in this space.
@vinodhdavid @rrhoover This would be great if I could add task to trello, events to my calendar, or interact with any other productivity service I use via one messaging app. Slack is a great place to start. I agree with @vindhdavid, we have so many different productivity apps but they aren't very well integrated. Interested to see where this goes.
VERY Cool. Looking forward to the ASANA integration
@ulisesorozco sure - Kindly post your feedbacks here :)
looks interesting
cool, is there a reason that you guys went with @mention instead of slash command?